Technical Due Diligence

Technical due diligence is a process that involves assessing the technical aspects of a company, product, or technology to evaluate its viability and potential risks and opportunities. This process is typically part of a more significant due diligence effort, such as an acquisition, investment, or partnership.

The technical due diligence process typically involves a thorough review of a company's technology, systems, and procedures, as well as its intellectual property and related assets. At PWR. we have the necessary technical expertise to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your system.

During the technical due diligence process, our team will evaluate the following:

  1. Technology and Architecture: The technology and architecture are evaluated to assess whether they are scalable, reliable, and secure. We evaluate the codebase, database, and network and server infrastructure.

  2. Operations and Processes: We evaluate the operations and processes of your company or project to assess their efficiency and effectiveness in the context of the development cycle. This may involve a review of your workflows, standard operating procedures, and quality control systems.

  3. Human Resources: The technical capabilities of your human resources are evaluated to assess whether they are adequate to support the company's technology and product development efforts.

  4. Financials: The project’s financial performance is evaluated to assess the viability of the technology or product being reviewed and identify any potential financial risks or opportunities.

Overall, our technical due diligence process is designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the technical aspects of your project or company, or product and to identify any potential risks or opportunities that may impact the success of the acquisition, investment, or partnership.

What you will get:

  • A transparent diagnosis of your current system, as well as an action plan in the areas of improvement

  • Infosecurity review of your system, which provides an overview of the security and scalability of your current system

  • Diagnosis of your current server structure in terms of scalability, integrity, and cost

  • 100% Power & Commitment.

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